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Thapovan offers KPO services in the financial services domain. Our KPO team are financial subject matter experts with MBA in Finance or degrees in Financial Management/Chartered financial analysis along with strong analytical and technical skills. We support our clients with solutions and services to improve their operational effectiveness. With a strong technical background, our solutions successfully blends IT and KPO helping our clients to leverage the technology to deliver technically superior solutions to their customers. We also adopt a methodical approach to optimize the operation and help our clients overcome their business challenge.

Thapovan KPO - The Advantages
  • A resource pool that has and applies high level domain specific knowledge
  • Our analysts bring to bear their depth of knowledge, experience, and judgment factor to ensure zero-defect deliveries
  • We are cognizant of the regulations and the risks present in the financial industry and have put suitable policies and procedures in place
  • We have a proven execution track record
  • We have put in place a strong governance framework
  • Our experts are an extended team of the client organization
  • We are also experienced in quality control activities like auditing of the models

With our experience and success in building the financial services, KPO and with India having a resource pool that possesses strong technical and business knowledge, we are confident about offering KPO in other domains as well.


  • Analysts with MBA in Finance from Reputed Schools
  • Experienced in analyzing the Sell side and Buy side equity report to retrieve relevant data to make informed decisions
  • Experienced in covering wide range of industries from Recreation and Lodging to Retail and Technology
  • Cover over 200 companies every earning season
  • Thousands of models are analyzed every quarter
  • Each company is analyzed for over 100 Financial and Operational data points
  • Product developed for the client is attributed in the reports of leading investment banks, likes of Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse

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